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I represent people. I hate dealerships that scheme and steal from consumers like you.

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Meet Attorney Josh Denbeaux

My main objective is to protect your rights and help you fight against lenders that might be trying to take advantage of you.

Formed in 1989, Denbeaux & Denbeaux is a law firm dedicated to providing top-level legal representation to its clients. Since 2008, I’ve represented thousands of consumers, both individuals and businesses, in New Jersey State Courts and US Federal Court.

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Why Should You Fight For Your Rights?

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Every year, unsuspecting car owners fall for the tricks of car lending companies who take advantage of a vulnerable situation. Many times, car owners don’t even know that they’re being taken advantage of and that their rights are being violated. There are rules and regulations set in place to protect consumers—but some lenders don’t follow them. Working with a trusted attorney could help keep your rights protected. In fact, there are numerous benefits of working with an experienced attorney.

  • Knowledge of the law - with an experienced attorney handling your case you can avoid going through the long research process yourself
  • Get money back - by pursuing this case you may be able to get back money that you were wrongfully charged from an auto lender
  • Know what’s going on - you will receive consistent updates on your case proceedings so you’re always in the know
  • Keep things moving - an attorney who knows the legal system and process can help keep your case moving forward towards a solution
Don’t let your auto loan lender get the best of you. We may be able to help you get back money you are owed or fight back against car lenders that are trying to take advantage of you. Fill out the form now to take the first step towards fighting for your rights.

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